Green Events

Blox Events does not classify sustainability as a lifestyle or economic trend. We us it as a fundament for strategic planning and management of high-quality green events. The Blox. Team faced up to this issue and has developed an intersection between events and sustainability tools, to achieve maximum efficiency, efficacy and ease.

Debates and discussions about sustainability have hit nearly every industry and society in the last decade. From a wise point of view this makes it even more important, that the events sector, as a shared interface of society and industry, takes this topic to heart. Whereas commercial and profit-seeking event agencies feign ignorance, great outdoor events, like the Olympic games, international trade fairs and public events demonstrate that it is overdue to change the use of our resources in order to guarantee a long-term sustainable use of these significant and essential treasures.

Ecological Responsibility

The ecology factor describes a system, which can limit itself to and use only its basic factors and resources. This includes natural resources, which are fundamental for society to continue functioning and surviving within its eco system. The blox team uses its full tool set to ensure such resources are preserved  to the best of its ability, by promoting and supporting green events. We are particularly concerned with the following areas:

  • Environmental Governance

  • Waste Management

  • Water Consumption

  • Energy and Climate

  • Mobility and Transport

Social Fairness

We promote all aspects of social sustainability in our undertakings, includes elements like participation, safety, health, education and more. We have therefore the goal, of reduce global distribution problems social disparity on both local and global levels. We try to bring demographic and societal differences in to balance in order to guarantee the continuance of culture and traditions. In addition to general social awareness, we also integrate the following facets as part of our duty of care within the events of ourselves and our clients:

  • Social Aspects

  • Health and Safety

  • Distribution of Sustainable Thoughts

  • Participation

Economical Efficiency

For us, economic efficiency is about a sustainable balance of income and expenses. It also points on the efficient and effective use of money, equipment and materials, which targets a Return on Investment. Event related it includes aspects like finance, sponsorships and if the expectations of all stakeholders are met. Only when these interests are involved in the decision making, the event will be successful. This is the basis for a future orientated and strategic operation of upcoming and repetitive events. Through using our value chain, we are able to increase our own and economic efficiency through green and sustainable thought, which enables to pass the social and economic savings to you. Within economic efficiency, we adhere to the following:

  • Interests of all involved parties

  • Sustainable Value chain

  • Social Standards of employees, customers and suppliers.